Farm to Table – producers and their identity

Farm partners of Culinary Institute of America

On Tuesday 3rd of May, I get to go and visit the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York. Before that, I wanted to share some information about Farm to Table principles at CIA….

Farm to Table practice seems to be well integrated to the educational system at the Culinary Institute of America.  They even have a study module called Farm to Table.

The university has also made a commitment to build relationships with local farmers!!

“The CIA is committed to building close relationships with local purveyors. Together, we bring the freshest products from the farm to the table in American Bounty—ensuring that your dining experience is filled with exquisite flavors of the Hudson Valley.”

I believe this type of sustainable business activity and commitment should be visible in Finland as well!  Schools collaborating with farmers and produces would be one way to increase economical infrastructure and labor force.  Regional food specialties of provinces of Finland, product development, global food branding of Finnish products would be just a few examples of many possibilities…

Check this out: The farm partners of Culinary Institute of America (link)

Organic by Francesco Mastalia

Francesco Mastalia has written an excellent book about Farmers and Chefs of Hudson Valley.

I believe this is something we should also have in Finland, a book about Famers and Chefs of Finland!  It would be great way to re–build collaboration within restaurant industry and the farmers.  Book could include some recipes about how to best utilize seasonal products grown by the farmers.

This could be also an introduction of a new career development and even educational program – Agrochef!!  What is agrochef?

Future of new career development

How many chefs do you know who are capable of growing their own vegetables, or raising animals?  How about if we could integrate two basic skills into one. Basic principles of cooking and basic principles of farming = Agrochef!  But also, basic principles of customer service and farming = Agroserver! Or, would it be called agro-food professional…?

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