Blenheim Hill Farm

Here are few photos from the Blenheim Hill Farm.  What a great place to organize weddings and celebrations in a middle of Blenheim Hill Farm with great scenic views down the hill. Tranquil place to work for anyone who is interested of working at a farm.

The hydroponic greenhouse at Blenheim Hill Farm produces variety of lettuce, greens, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and even – strawberries.  It is said that hydroponically grown vegetables use less water than ‘normal’ farming. Maybe this is one of the ways to introduce vegetable growing in deserted areas where water is scarce. It also allows more controlled environment for fertilizers; overflow of nutrients to the ground is more controlled.

-But, how about the flavour of vegetables, salads and herbs?  Are there any difference between hydroponically grown salads or outdoor field grown salads – or any other vegetables? Or the nutrients found in products?  Maybe this is another field of study that needs to be researched properly as well?


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