Good, Clean and Fair Community


jarmo-slow-food-maaseuduntulevaisuus.JPGThe idea of slow food philosophy is that everyone should have an access to good, clean and fair food.  I believe these same principles can be also used to develop local community.

Good (tasty) community: organic farming, farmer’s markets; community supported agriculture; food buss; development and support of sustainable farming practices

Clean community:  possibility to live sustainably; activities and decisions based on the well-being of people, animals and the nature; protection of biodiversity

Fair community:  fair compensation and recognition for the work of producers; protection of small producers and the diversity of small-medium businesses; multiculturalims; possibility to live and have a home within a fair price

A More Open community:  equal opportunities for everyone, such as children, young people, handicapped, elderly people and immigrants; support towards new citizens of Porvoo; opennes and trust

Local municipality:  quality of educaton; variety of hobbies; walking, bicycling and public transportation; services where people live (service kiosks); equal healthcare